Balancing school and work

Hi all,

I have found at times during the semester it is difficult to keep up with grad level reading and projects at the same time. They balance out real well for the most part but for the weeks that are school heavy with tests and papers due it can be rough to say the least. But one thing I have done is keep the teams I am apart of up to date as to what is going on and make in project adjustments as needed. Sometimes that could mean working a project more the week before or the week after a busy school week. All in all, my grades are up to par and my projects have been moving forward in a nice way. I have talked to other SIFS about this so I know we all have been doing are best to find that balance. Keep up the good work everyone!!!

Unmanned Aerial Systems

Hi Everyone,

I bought a drone quadcopter last week. The one I bought was an Ares Ethos FPC. It comes with a camera that shoots in HD mounted on the bottom of it. I am pleased with it so far. I’m really happy I got the economic quadcopter first before I bought the really expensive one for several reasons. Mainly because the likelihood that you will crash a drone is 100%. It takes practice to land, how to maneuver in the air, how to not panic when it is not doing what you want. One of the scariest things is flying around people. No matter if you are really high in the air on down low, when you are not secure in your flying skills the awareness that you will get from the quadcopter dropping out of the sky out of control and hitting someone, or causing a car accident is VERY real. I suggest if you ever fly one to do it in an open field away from trees and people. I am attaching clips of me flying at grant park. It is really cool when you get the hang of it. Definitely go cheap first before you spend too much money and you have to pay more to fix it after a bad crash.