3d Modeling

Hi All,

Last week we were able to capture some pictures for 3d modeling. Robert and Andrew are helping out our team with it. So from what I have gathered and what we did was take a green screen and shoot two angles of each side of the machine we wanted modeled. I went in to photoshop to take out the green and saved them as .png files. One think I learn was that if you have anything on a machine that is clear plastic or class, the green screen will appear behind it and you won’t be able to take it out without taking out the clear object as well. I’ll add the finished product later so that you can see how it turned out.


Safety Videos

Hi everyone,

I am apart of a great team of our colleagues and we are working on a cool project that hopefully we will have out sometime in the near future. We are filming lab safety videos in the PSC (science building). The videos will be interactive where students will be able to take a quiz that gives options depending on their answer, have a 3d view of the equipment they will be using, and instructional videos that we hope they will enjoy and learn from. I’m sure we will be posting to let everyone know when it is complete, but look out for some really interactive videos in the near future.


GoPro Camera Review and Video clip

Hi Everyone,

I practiced with the GoPro camera and I am giving a short review of the camera.


The Pros:

– The GoPro is simple. It only has two buttons. The mode button on the front toggles through different options and the button on the top confirms the options that you choose.


– The GoPro can be mounted to just about anything. Moving vehicles, stationary objects, you name it can be mounted to it.

– The GoPro can film under water. It comes with a waterproof casing, so you can take really cool shots safely under water.

– The GoPro shoots in different resolutions. Up to 4k.

The Challenges:

– It is very small, you can hold it with two fingers. For me I couldn’t help but to think how easily it could be lost.


– Also, because it is small, all of the parts that you can remove are even smaller. Remember to place everything back in the carrying bag. If you always do that, even if you forget where you placed something, at least you will know to look back in the bag.

– It is not a camera for shooting a feature film. It is mainly used for aerial shots and moving vehicles. Definitely do not use it for sound.


– When you first use it, it may not be charged. Pull off the plastic tab on its right side and connect it to a computer using the usb mini cord. It didn’t take very long to charge, I think less than an hour.

– If you have any additional questions or want to see ways to use it, look for a tutorial online. They are very helpful.

Video: Here is a little video that I did with the GoPro. The video on the top left corner was shot with the GoPro. I am running a test to see what it would like if we started from specific points around the campus and gave students a street view, map view, and language view of how to get to just about anywhere. It is just a test so I don’t encourage J-walking LOL

The Second Week

My second week started off exciting. My wife gave birth to our new little girl Naimah Mahasin Muhammad Sanchez. I met with several different departments for the projects I am working on. I am really excited about getting them rolling. Each department has some sort of video element that has a lot of room for creativity and are very different. I am working with Dylan, Ryan, Roxanne and many others and it has been a great experience. I also did a test video for the GoPro camera shooting in 4k. I will post that on my next weeks blog. Once I finish feel free to let me know what you think and how it can be improved. Ameer10599321_354592651372767_259602363946631403_n 10613105_354592698039429_788531114416996590_n 10636088_354592304706135_2019730939863435903_n