Membership Application

To become an AMSA member at Georgia State Univesity, please fill out the application form.

Some of the membership benefits are:

  • Members can attend AMSA meetings over each semester. Speakers from different medical schools as well as other professionals from health care fields will speak in each AMSA meetings.
  • Members will be offered free food during each meeting sponsored by AMSA at GSU.
  • There will be Medical School tours for AMSA at GSU members throughout each semester, and transportation will be provided for trips over 20 miles. For trips below 20 miles, AMSA officers may arrange carpooling or other types of transportation for members.
  • AMSA at GSU members will be offered a free AMSA labeled T-shirt or any other AMSA labeled products depend on availability of each.
  • AMSA at GSU may be able to cover the entire costs for a trip and registration fee of the National AMSA convention at Washington, DC for limited number of people (10-15 people). Note: Travelling Members will be elected if there are more than 14 members who are willing to attend Convention.
  • Active Members, for whom has 10 points a semester, will receive an honors cord for their graduation only if they are a national AMSA member.