Board Members

Executive Board Members and Responsibilities:

Host the meetings and events. Find guest speakers for the general body meetings. Organize AMSA activities as a whole. Monitor the progress of all chapter activities. Represent the organization at university or community events. Encourage cooperation and participation of all chapter members. Work with all other officers to actively pursue the organization’s best interests.

Vice President:
Be knowledgeable of all officers duties and responsibilities. Assist the president with all of the president’s assigned duties. Act in place of the president during his/her absence.Aid in the coordination of meetings. Stay informed of all chapter activities. Work with all other officers to actively pursue the organizations’s best interest.

Communication. Answer any questions members may have about meetings/events in person and in email. In charge of all social networks including Orgsync, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+. Send reminders emails to members regarding each meeting and event through AMSA email and Maintain attendance at all meetings/events. Keep members’ activity points up to date. Consult with the treasurer and volunteer coordinator regarding members’ attendance and fee payment status.

Coordinate and handle all monetary exchange. Manage and keep record of all finances. Collect membership dues.

Historian/Public Relations:
Organizes public events of AMSA. such as organization fairs and library plaza promotion. Responsible for designing promotion ASMA flyers across GSU campus. Educates pre-mde students about AMSA.

Group Coordinator:
Present in the meetings room 15 minutes earlier to make sure that the room is fully ready. Make an arrangement with president in order to have access to AMSA office. Ensure members are all set during volunteer events. Represent the organization at university or community events.

Volunteer Coordinators:
Attend all meetings and chapter organizations. Maintain contact with other volunteers organizations. Create networks with medical and non-medical organizations. Co-ordinate bimonthly activities per each semester. Updates and tracking of participation. Image a community or a nation, in which everyone volunteers. Everyone would expand their skills and knowledge. Everyone would be healthier. And everyone would have a more meaningful life. This is a future we all can work towards.

Officers are elected at the last meetings of every spring semester.