Organization Class Prep

In order to keep my blog more organized, I have done many things. Firstly, I changed my front page to display the most recent posts rather than my about page. This is in case a link I submit fails to work, my post will still be easily accessed from the front page of my blog. Hopefully, this will prevent me getting any zeroes for work I have already submitted.

Another thing I did was create many categories for the many different projects we are going to be doing this semester. For example, I created a Built Environment Description category. As more and more projects come along, I will create more categories to go along with them.

Finally, I went back and sorted through all of my old posts and put them in the correct category. For example, I had put a couple of Annotated Bibliographies under SOS by accident, so I created a new category just for them. All the posts on my blog are now categorized. All in all, at this point my blog is the easiest to navigate out of the whole time it has existed.

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