Annotated Bibliography 4

“Atlanta Gentrification Maps and Data.” N.p., n.d. Web. 13 Sept. 2016.
This source is a map that shows the gentrified areas of Atlanta. The map shows that the trend of gentrification is a small dense area just around the GSU Campus. Around us, on campus, we can see this on Auburn Avenue as well as Old Fourth Ward. Also shown is the increase in gentrification from 1990-2000 compared to 2000-present, which shows a trend of dramatic increase. The problem of this map is that it doesn’t exactly state when each area became the subject of gentrification, or even how the gentrification was done, in terms of what was bulldozed and what was replaced. Another problem with the map is that it has things zoned into census areas, not necessarily the area names we are familiar with. This map is essential in knowing what particular areas were gentrified and which areas were not. The article is trustworthy because the data comes directly from the US Census, conducted in 1990-2000 as well as 2000-present.

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