Annotated Bibliography 3

Green, Josh. “Has Gentrification Run Amok in ‘City On the Ascent’?” Curbed Atlanta. N.p., 3 Feb. 2015. Web. 13 Sept. 2016.

This article discusses the negatives of gentrification as well as the positives. As more people come to the area, it becomes more likely to be gentrified, however with more people comes more money, as well as an improved police force, fire department, and economy for the area. This article provides good arguments both for and against gentrification, however the arguments hardly scrape the surface of the subject and could be more in depth. This article is important as it provides insight to both sides of the argument over gentrification. The reason this source was chosen is because, unlike other articles, it provides insight into both arguments against and for gentrification, which is necessary in order to provide a rebuttal in an argument. The main points to be taken from this article is that while gentrification is good in terms of bringing safer infrastructure and safety departments, it also brings the negative change of making people lose homes and, in turn, their way of living.

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