Day one

I ventured to Arabia Mountain park on a quiet weekday. There wasn’t a lot of people there since it was well 2:00pm and when I tried to talk to a worker she wasn’t exactly qualified for this work to study the tree Lichen known as Canoparmelia texana “shield lichen,”. Canoparmelia texana is a strange whitish growth dust around the base of the tree after the recent rain shower this a algae (protist) fungi symbiotic complex on the bark of the tree. Three things that drew me to this microbe was one it’s ubiquity, two how often its ignored despite this, and finally it’s pollution tolerance which means if spread can help to protect the environment (in small ways). Now how I choose this microbe, no real logical thought, it was either this or mushrooms and unfortunately, I could not find any. Pictures below.                                                                                                                   

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