Final Project


Chapter 7 : Revived and Remade

  with this diptych I wanted to explore the “remade” aspect of Revived and Remade; questioning how views of the world differ through the...
Not Seen

Chapter 6 : Moments in History

in this diptych I explore the two defining thoughts of our generations. Acceptance and quality for all. 

Chapter 5 : Intimate Life

  With this chapter’s diptych I invite the viewer into my home seeing the intimate moments of my family gatherings. 

Chapter 4: Something from Nothing

  Using ordinary items found in my room, a shadow from a lamp and a door, in this diptych I put these items into...

Chapter 3 : Deadpan

  I chose the different views of Atlanta for this diptych, one with elegance and beauty and the other more square and bland. 

Chapter 2 : Storytelling

   This story was inspired by the uncertainty of the future. The wondering and the waiting to see what is to come.