Interview 2


Hires photographers fairly often

Alison is mother of 1, with another baby on the way. She is a very big family person and loves to capture the memories of her daughters first years of life. She is very extroverted and loves to meet new people and doesn’t have a problem approaching stranger to get to know them. Photography has become a large part of life in the past 6 years with big milestones occurring in her life. She has hired a photographer and a videographer for her wedding ceremony and is currently using a photographer to document her daughters growth. She found these photographers through online searches and word of mouth and said her biggest challenge was avoiding scammer and people who used work that is not their own to advertise.  

This interview was very helpful in learning the clients point of view of the process of finding a photographer. It helped me realize what a potential client looks for and may go through when finding a photographer. I learned that it is very important when booking for an event to have the ease of being able to do all the necessary things in one place. Life is hetic. It is important to consider what the client may have going on in their lives while trying to find a professional. Being able to contact a professional electronically and them having a website is considered more professional. Reviews are important.



Experienced Photographer 

Audrey is a recently graduated college student with a very extroverted and bubbly personality. One thing she loves about her job is being able to meet new people. She enjoys meeting new people and sees every meeting as a networking opportunity or a way to make a new connection. She is very comfortable approaching strangers to market herself. She finds a lot of her business through word of mouth and by posting on the online Facebook market place. She did find it very difficult in the beginning as she had to build a name for herself. 

I used this interview to learn how a photographer finds their business. A consistent thing that I have hear is that they find their clients by word of mouth. Something I learned was that business is very rewarding and you meet many interesting characters.



Aspiring photo/videographer

Gabe is a college student about to graduate from GSU with a major in film and media. He aspires to take on photography and videography as a profession. He doesn’t have as a big of an interest in photography as much as he does in film and has approached by people looking for videographers on the street. He found his current photography and videography jobs through indeed and word of mouth. He said that his current jobs have helped him become comfortable with approaching strangers. 

I learned from this interview that people with anxiety have problems getting what they want out into the world and appreciates the internet as place to serve as the middle man for them. Also, for more expensive products people are more prone to check reviews for products or services.