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Class Progression Reflection

Week 1 Of course, this was the easiest week of the semester! Looking back retrospectively, this course seemed intimidating; it seemed that it was going to involve a lot of effort and hard work … I was not wrong, but… Continue Reading →

A Rhetorical Analysis

This post will serve to analyze and further research Whitefoord, Inc. The content of this post is gathered from Whitefoord.org. The structure of this post is from chapter two of Arola/Sheppard/Ball’s¬†Writer/Designer: A Guide to Making Multimodal Projects. Audience Who is… Continue Reading →

Reflection on Art as Multimodal Communication

In class on ¬†Monday, August 30th we discussed multimodality and how it applies to technical writing. The class discussion made me think about how we communicate (either rhetorically, or not) in multiple modes on a daily basis. It isn’t something… Continue Reading →

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