Ideas for Welcome Packet

As mentioned previously …

  • A new mission statement that is specific for the Society. It would help to make it an exclusive entity of Whitefoord, Inc. and give something meaningful for the members to say.
  • Membership benefits
    • Tax write-off?
    • Networking with like minded individuals in the community
    • Resume benefits?
    • Networking
    • Community involvement
  • Testimonials from current members
    • Exemplary members, like a “spotlight section”
    • What they like about the program
    • What they have achieved in the program
  • Events
    • Calendar/event banner?
    • Highlights from previous events
    • DETAILED descriptions about future events
      • Time
      • Location
      • Attendees
      • Special guests/speakers
      • Catered? Will there be food? Will there be alcohol?
      • Benefits of attending the event/what it will offer
      • How will the event impact the community (important for philanthropic/charitable events)
  • Link(s) to social media platforms & links to Whitefoord’s website

Additional ideas …

  • Take the “Executive Committee Members” out of the letter and place them into a designated place in the packet, that way the new members could place a name and what the member does with a face.
    • Question: does the Society have a board (as in board members)? I noticed during one of my bing searches there was a result that brought me to a Morgan Stanley webpage, and a financial advisor had this within her biography, “She has recently joined the Whitefoord Leadership Society for Young Professionals Board” in her biography. If there is a board in addition to the executive committee members, I believe the board members should also be featured in the welcome packet. If there are more than 7 perhaps they should have a whole page dedicated to them? I suggest there being a short biography for each committee/board member that includes a professional picture, their name and title, and a brief synopsis of what they do within the organization.
    • Here is an example of an advisory board page (for Whitefoord, since there are not as many people to place on the page, I recommend having a short summary of what that member does):committee