After our last round of drafts we sent to Allie, she had developed a couple of questions. For our final project, I thought it was necessary to give her a document that addressed these questions for her. Below you will find the document I sent her. The blue text represents the questions/comments from Allie, while the red text represents the answers I supplied.

We do not have a Board in addition to the committee. Emery was originally a co-chair for the society, but she is no longer involved. Her bio on Morgan Stanley is just outdated.

This page has been fixed. We will adopt the full biography idea for the executive board members (as suggested previously)

I would remove the blue border around the information that is placed on letterhead, either use the border or the letterhead.

Our apologies, this was an error induced by google drive. The PDF is the version that is correct.

I also like the idea of having an upcoming events calendar to include, but we currently only have the 3 events so it would be a little sparse. Not sure if you had any ideas to remedy that. How would an event banner look? Or are you referring to the section on the third page of the document?

This is a good point; we have decided to just go with the event section. We were referring to bottom section on the third page of the document. This section can change depending upon when the next event will take place and when you send out the document to make the event more timely. We do not have any ideas on how to remedy the calendar idea, but another thing to consider is linking all of your planned events through social media, that is, creating events on facebook and marketing them through The Society’s social media platforms.

How would the membership spotlight work? Would you recommend using the same person for the entire year or a new person each month? Just trying to understand how that would work since individuals will be joining the society at random times throughout the year. And would the testimonials work the same way?

The membership spotlight is really up to interpretation. I would recommend for the document to be fluid, and to make changes (by using a different person) every time a “chunk” of welcome packets are mailed out. However, until the membership numbers start to increase this will not be too realistic of an option. Until that increase occurs, it will probably be more efficient to use the same person per quarter or year? The same goes for the testimonial recommendation. Also, you could change up the type of “spotlight” each quarter and alternate between a person for the membership spotlight for one quarter and a person (or persons) testimonial for the following quarter.

Also, as I mentioned in one of our meetings, we just finalized our strategic plan. Whitefoord’s new mission statement is: to ensure that all are healthy and children have what they need to succeed in school.

We have corrected this within our welcome packet.