At the begining of this recording you can here a low rumble of voices and a small whistling sound. As it goes on the voices become a bit louder. There is a deeper voice speaking a bit louder than the rest and then someone laughs loudly. They are all speaking some kind of foreign language. One of the deeper voices says “AYE, AYE, AYE” a few times and then stop. A lighter more feminine voice then comes to the forefront of our hearing. You can also her crickets chirping quietly at the beginning and now becoming much louder. Someone with a more youthful sounding voice then yells something inaudible in the distance. There is also a small shriek in the distance but sounds more playful than anything. A deeper voices says something about the “ninas”. There is more bird chirping and someone laughs again but it is coming from a different person this time, with a more masculine voice. There seems to be many people all talking at the same time towards the end.