Zane's Essence

Into the mind of Zane Blalock while he's at SIF

Pulling Together to Connect Hoccleve Functionality!

The Hoccleve Project has been overwhelmingly positive for me. From learning more use and in-depth information for JQuery, JSON use, and libraries such as XPath. Working more than 5 hours at a time in research, testing, implementing, and linking multiple additions from the team has really been an experience that I’ve enjoyed. What’s New: With…

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Progress with the Hoccleve Project!

So with the Student Innovation Fellowship program –  SIF for short – I’ve been working on the Hoccleve archive (  and making a lot of progress for adding in a search functionality. While working with my teammates, we’ve created updated XML files to be used along with the site loading the poem dynamically! After adding…

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In Tiresome Days and Sleepless Nights, No assignment shall escape my sight!

Hello! My name is Zane Blalock and I’m new to the Student Innovation Fellowship program here at GSU. As it stand I’ve been working with many cool and interesting students as well as a colorful set of staff. One of the best opportunities that I’ve had while at SIF is learning far more about Atlanta’s…

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