Individual VS Meta


  • was one of the first ones that came up every time
  • similar results regardless of whether it individual or meta search engine
  • several results that advertised to build free e-commerce websites
  • each had at least four ads related to the search


  • every search engine had a couple unique results
  • the advertisements depended on the search engine
  • the ads results were more integrated in the meta search engines compared to the individual search engines

Assignment Link:

LT-Unit 2 A1

Tool Inventory

1. Task 2. Tools 3. Reason
You have to lead an online presentation on the contents of your history paper. PowerPoint



PowerPoint is easy to use and understood by most. Prezi is unique and fun to present. Skype can be used as a method of voice communication.
The final exam for your economics course is coming up, and you need to collect all of your (and hopefully your classmates’) online resources for a study guide. GoogleDocs



GoogleDocs and Wiki can be used by all members to communicate and edit remotely. Groupme can be used to communicate to a large group.
You need to create an interactive tour of Berlin as an assignment for your study aboard program. YouTube



Through these platforms one can share their experience almost instantly through videos or pictures.
You and a group of your classmates have been asked to do a collaborative research project on how Facebook has affected the social habits of young adults. GoogleDocs



They can communicate through all. Editing information remotely and all members at once can be done through GoogleDocs and Prezi. Prezi can be the visual presentation part of the project.


Being a Successful Online Student :)

After a decade plus more years of school, you might have just begun to get the hang of acing being an on-campus student. However, being an online student is a whole other ball game. It requires more dedication and commitment than one would expect. A few rules to follow that may or may not help you succeed …

  1. Do not procrastinate. Keep tabs on all of your assignments as well as course materials. Whether you have to keep a planner or tape sticky notes everywhere, maintain your preferred way of keeping up to date on your due dates.
  2. Allocate a specific time and place to learn the material as well as apply your knowledge to complete the assignments.
  3. Ask questions and communicate regularly with your fellow classmates and professor. There is no such thing as a stupid question unless that question is never asked. I highly recommend a study buddy not only to study for exams but also to keep each other updated on future assignments and to keep reminding each other of due dates.

Whatever floats your boat…row with it, but Make sure to keep floating!!!

All About Me :)


My name is Zoya Ansari and I graduated from Chattahoochee High School. My major is computer science. I enjoy math; however, calculus is harder than it seems. My favorite sports to play are basketball and volleyball. In addition, I am interested in the environment. I like to participate in eco-friendly projects, such as hazardous waste recycle and clean the river projects. I started recycling on a daily basis, and now my entire family recycles. All in all, I would like to get my bachelor’s degree, get a job, and work my way up the career ladder. Hopefully all will work out!

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