Beijing 798 Art Zone & Farewell Dinner

The magic of Human Creativity

By Antonio Silva
October 23, 2016

Visiting the Beijing 798 Art District was an awakening to artistic sensibilities and the magic of human creativity.  Exploring this thriving art community in an area comprised of former military factory buildings gave one the sense of a flourishing artistic expression and freedom.  This district of concrete buildings and industrial complexes refitted with art galleries, workshops, coffee-shops, and stores gives one the impression of being in the most edgy neighborhoods of a city like Berlin or San Francisco.  Walking through the labyrinth of streets with sculptures, posters, paintings, and graffiti unleashes the imagination defying the confinements of sterile glass towers in modern business oriented cities.

It was a pleasure to visit the various art galleries and shops offering unique pieces for a myriad of tastes.  There were leather and jewelry shops with excellent design and craftsmanship.  Additionally, one could find such institutions as the Goethe Institute promoting German language and culture in the area.  Currently, the Art Intermingled Art Festival of 2016 is being promoted with various events and announcements throughout the Art District.

After visiting the art district our trip in China came to an end with a banquet of tasty Szechuan Style cuisine.  Various dishes with spices and flavors never experienced before were enjoyed by all.  The dishes ranged from spicy chicken to Peking duck to sautéed jelly fish.  We had the pleasure of sharing this meal with our sponsors and witnessing the generosity of Chinese hospitality.   It was a great closing to this wonderful opportunity offered to us.

Stay tuned for more!  Traveling Home to Atlanta is up next!

antonio-silvaAntonio Silva is currently a Senior Supply Chain Optimization Analyst at Newell Brands where he performs product portfolio analysis and engages the core business in an internal consulting type environment specializing in supply chain. Antonio has held various positions at multiple companies including The Coca-Cola Company, IBM, Deutsche Bahn, GE Money and his current role with Newell Brands. Antonio majored in Computer Science, Economics, and Business at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Antonio is from Panamá and was born in Germany. Growing up, he was placed in an international environment bridging cultures and continents. Due to his varied background and curiosity he has a strong passion for travel, international affairs, art, and culture. He speaks Spanish and German fluently.

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