Projects, Projects, Projects

Many projects are going on in SIF right now, and we have quite a good lot of “instructor-client” projects where teachers give us ideas for projects and help out with the development process.

Some examples of these projects are the DALN-app which aims to make an app for the DALN and the VRProject that is researching on how to make virtual worlds accessible to the visually impaired. You can find some of these projects on the SIF Github Page.

We’re really trying to finish some of the larger projects that can be done with the amount of Computer Science majors and minors we have now. However, remember that most of us have experience only related by interests, projects, or prior work, so most of us are only good at one specific task.

It’s one of the reasons SIF is so great, since we get to all come together in meetings and help each others’ weaknesses and bolster our strengths. Some of the projects like 3DAtlanta, Hoccleve Archive, and DALN-app can only be done when we have a lot of people with specific skillsets like web development or design, all in one place having a conversation.

And now we wish to bring the conversation of all of our projects to you. We’re beginning the process of documenting all of our work so that others can reach the same results with every project. We’ve already done some preliminary posts on our Github Wikis to try and establish what kind of technologies we are using in our projects and giving a base for others to jump off of to either replicate our projects or even go further.

Next time, I’ll talk about some of the resources I’ve found while working at SIF, and how you can get a whole bunch of free stuff as a student/faculty/staff member!…And I know we all like free things right?

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