Monthly Archives: January 2016

Teaching Others whilst Learning Yourself

Hello everyone! Welcome to a new semester, a new year, and new projects for all of us! These past weeks since school started have been incredibly busy since we’ve hit the ground running.

One of the major updates to SIF is we now have a Github organization! You can view our projects being made in real time. Hopefully, it’ll be here to stay since this is new ground for open sourcing projects, even if those projects are for educational use. I’ll be writing more relevant details and sending out an email to all the SIFs on how they can use Github for their projects soon.

Also, this week I went to the Open Conference on Teaching and Technology here at GSU where I learned about an exciting new technology called wrote a post in the wiki on what shapefiles are. While I focused on the very basics, I hoped to let people looking at the project to understand how we proceeded each step of development and research to both my teammates and to anyone interested in the GIS. I added some links that would appeal to different learners.

For example, I linked to a post from Doug Mccune about 3D renderings of topojson files (which is a sort of extension of shapefile data). And I also referenced a great Penn State course on the fundamentals GIS. It was a great resource when looking up stuff for 3D Atlanta.

Overall, it is a great experience to document research findings and general knowledge about certain topics as we go along with our projects. Not only will be beneficial for us as a team, but also for any future learners. In the future, this idea will be solidified with the coming of new technologies and the beginning of a new age of learning.

I look forward to any feedback you guys have to share on my post. Until next time.