An Objective Look Into the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center

Atlanta’s Contemporary Art Center has humble beginnings. Formally Nexus, the art center stems from a grassroots art movement back in 1973 by Atlanta photographers and has upheld those roots by featuring smaller artists. The center even promotes an in-house artist residency program.  They have helped work in the redevelopment of the Atlanta community after the renovation of their own permanent home, a warehouse on the outskirts of West Atlanta.

Pieces on exhibit at the Contemporary Art Center.

It was an hour before closing on a Wednesday afternoon I entered the building to find only one other person in the vicinity, a woman behind the cut out of a wall that matches the rest of the architecture. Once inside, the windy day could only  be recognized  by the inconsistent fluttering of a tarp against the skylights as I walked through the open space.

There was a sharp contrast with the dilapidated surroundings and grey brick exterior. The interior had a modern feeling emphasized not only by the high ceilings and minimalist white walls, but the sound of the clicking of my heel against the exposed concrete floors. I walked to one of the five distinct spaces and found a room decorated in 70s decor and a large ping pong table at the center of the space.

One of the few walls of the art center with a window.

Leaving that room, I traveled to the art exhibition areas. There were three distinct spaces in the warehouse where the art was displayed, separated simply by asymmetrical walls. The white walls were only interrupted with small amounts of color from the various pieces of art on the walls.

All three of the rooms were wide open and uninterrupted  spaces as per usual when it comes to art museums. There was only one window between the three rooms. The lights  ran parallel and frequented the space which kept the place lively. The only real remnants of the warehouse environment was the exposed ceiling the lights hung from.

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