Built Environment Description Piedmont North


Terry Singh



Robin Wharton

Built Environment Description Of Piedmont North



The site chosen was Piedmont North. Located at 175 Piedmont Ave NE Atlanta, Ga 30303; it is the Georgia state housing for mostly Freshman. In this picture, we envision a pedestrian’s point of view. The site contains a parking lot for visitors, a dinning hall, the entirety of building A,  and a portion of Building B. The building consist mostly of a light brown color with blue accents. The site makes me feel at home because I’m there so often. It feels so natural to be there.


The picture above is another picture of Piedmont north detailing a different angle where the view is currently from the gate/entrance. In the picture, the viewer can see some of the parking lot but what is mostly shown is the dinning hall. The dinning hall is where everyone at Piedmont North go to eat mediocre meals and have social time due to how many people that are usually there. It’s only open from 7:30 AM – 9:30 PM on weekdays and 11 AM – 7:30 PM on weekends. Again, you see a lot of the brown color in the picture accompanied by the blue accents and students walking out.


Walking closer to the building you can see the entrance of the dinning hall and the entrance of the actual building itself. Also in the picture shows the bicycle racks and a little bit of Floor two, three, and four. Entering the building you must have an access card and your GA state panther card. After touching the sensors you are able to move freely throughout the whole building.


After walking through Piedmont A building, you are taken to the back of the building where you can see the side of Piedmont A that is connected to the building B. To the left of the picture you can see a glimpse of the smoke area and  the road that is connected to outside what people follow through to go to the parking lot. Included in the picture is a police vehicle that they use to patrol the area sometimes.


Building B, which is considered the hotel, is the building behind building A . Because it has eight floors and an underground parking deck, it is a lot bigger than Piedmont A. In the picture you can see that the building is very plain consisting of only one brown color and large windows where every room has the same color curtains. The difference in this picture is that it has a Green shade area right before you enter the building.


In this picture is the View taken from the to floor in Piedmont Building A. The top floor is floor 6 opposed to the 8th floor in Piedmont B building. In the picture you can see the cars, Big Buildings, and people that Atlanta is made up of. It gives the viewer the reminder that they are still in Atlanta. The Piedmont buildings may be quiet however; once you step outside you can here the little bits of traffic and you can see how busy Atlanta can be even near a local school.


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