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TEDxGeorgiaStateU talk released: "Failure is Necessary to Discovery in STEM"
The latest batch of TEDxGeorgiaStateU talks from April was finally released, and among them are talks by two SIFs: Krisna Patel and me. The title of my talk was “Failure is Necessary to Discovery in STEM.” My talk touches on both the broad-reachin (More)
A New Year in Cracking Eggs & Lighting Bulbs
I entered a whole new academic world as a Student Innovation Fellow last year. Something that separates my work here from anything else I have done is that there was always a different feeling of gratification when I finished a task. The work my fell (More)
3D Atlanta big update
It has been over half a year since the last update on the 3D Atlanta project. Nonetheless, the project has constant been evolving and maturing. The 3D Atlanta group and I have been (More)
Update on the SIF Physics Active Learning project
The SIF Physics Active Learning Team has been working hard this year to improve the instruction in our physics classes. Fellow SIF Saif Ali has been working diligently on analyzing and coding student survey data from introductory physics labs to f (More)
Status: Doctor
Yesterday I became a doctor. I went and celebrated with a few friends who are also highly educated, and I admit, it felt a bit like this: And so this is my final official blog as a Student Innovation Fellow, but I do plan to continue keepin (More)
Being responsive to the needs of URM students: Part 2
Last month, I wrote Part 1 of a post about how instructors and mentors of undergraduate students in STEM can be responsive to the unique needs (More)
Failing in STEM is not the end of the world
Last Friday, I participated in TEDxGeorgiaStateU as a speaker, along with fellow SIF Krisna Patel who talked about the incredible potential of the 3D Atlanta Project. You can read Krisna's blog More)
Being responsive to the needs of URM students: Part 1
Recent research has shown that having greater diversity in terms of race, ethnicity, gender, ability, and thought greatly improves the output of ideas in workplace and educational environments. (Incidentally, diversity of thought often comes naturall (More)
Infographic Resume
I have been on the job market since September. The academic job market takes just short of forever, and is a HUGE commitment. As a result, I have become curious about other job markets and how they work. I essentially know exactly nothing about ho (More)
Defining Innovation with Fun and Creepiness
This week I've been working at outlining a paper exploring the definition of innovation, and how I am applying that to the DALN booth at the upcoming CCCC's conference in Tampa Florida. What that means, is that I've spent even more time than usual re (More)
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