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Monkey See, Monkey Do: How kids learn through observation and immitation
Have you ever watched a toddler mimic their father shaving in the mirror? Or have you seen them carrying their mom's purse around the house as t (More)
Three Excellent Documentaries About How Children Use Technology
Unless you've been living under a rock, you've witnessed the phenomenon of children online. As a generation who've had access to screens before (More)
"When was the last time you were called CHILDISH?"
When was the last time you were called childish?  That's the question Adora Svitak wants to ask adults. Based on her observations, it's not an adjective that should be associated with kids because adults can be just as irrational, compulsive, (More)
How to choose the best STEM gift
During the gift-giving craze of the holiday season, it’s easy to get overwhelmed on the toy aisles. (More)
10 Picture Books That Demonstrate Creative & Innovative Thinking
Picture books combine both visual and written mediums to create texts that bring stories to life for children and ad (More)
How do we define American Education?
MACIE from College of Education & Human Dev on Vimeo. According to its More)
The Arts Participation Divide
A New Kind of CFP
A couple years ago, the Modern Language Association created a special task force to research and publish a special report, "Report of the MLA Task Force in Modern Language a (More)
Annotations for Alexandra Lange's "The Innovation Campus: Building Better Ideas"
Link to article here “Being in bigger interactive spaces encourages expansive thinking, while being in a (More)
Academic Innovation And Creative Freedom
As a doctoral candidate at the faculty of political science, I hardly ever get to work with technology and sophisticated information systems. Most of my work involves writing and going through literature or doing field work to create new research wit (More)
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