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Thoughts on technology and the human mind
  The effects of technology on our minds is a contested topic that’s bound wreak havoc on any casual dinner conversation. Since technol (More)
Design Thinking In The Classroom
*Article contributed by Courtney Hartnett* Walking past the open door, chaos appears to ring into the hallway. A longer pause and closer investigation (More)
Reflections On Ideas
  In this series of creative invitations, we've compiled resources that explore the concept of ideas. As creatives, our work is grounded in our minds' (More)
What does it take to innovate?
Recently, Bloomberg released their More)
Will Facebook innovate or get left behind?
According to recent statistics, the average American spe (More)
Here's the Scoop on the Maker Movement
*This article was contributed by Courtney Hartnett* Makerspace? Maker? Maker Movement? Huh? Heard these words and don’t quite understand what (More)
How to get Creative with Fidget Spinners
Yeah, yeah, yeah...we've all heard the complaints. Fidget spinners might have been More)
How Theory & Beliefs Shape Your Thinking About Childhood
When you work with children, you're not working in a vacuum. Our work is constructed within the context of our experiences and the beliefs we develop from these experiences. Our lives are affected by our families, friends, and coworkers, but also, th (More)
Wondering how to create and innovate? There's a subscription for that.
Mail order subscription boxes have become the hottest trend in online business models. Looking for cosmetics, More)
Can kids learn art and innovation skills online?
  Did you know that online learning isn't just for homeschoolers and college students? Most of us have seen online courses designed to (More)
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