BED1 Workshop Reflection

Workshopping my built environment description in class helped to improve my writing significantly. On my short descriptions about my collected artifacts, my classmates pointed out that they could use much more detail, so I went back through them and to amplify the imagery that I used the describe visuals. I attempted to pay greater attention to emphasizing color and shape and content in a way that someone could read my descriptions and have a decent idea of what the pictures contained without having to look at them. When looking at my longer description, they informed me that my writing suffered through restraining itself to text, leading me to add in pictures that added greater detail to what I wrote, such as additional images that I had not used as artifacts or a map that could help readers visualize better where the Beltline is located. Through the advice of my peers and professor, I was able to greatly improve the vividness of my descriptions and really improve my work both textually and alternate-modality, and I know that I will be able to add even greater depth and variety in the next description, utilizing more than just words and images. I hope to add in sounds and videos as well. Workshopping was definitely useful, and I will try to do it more in class and also be more helpful to my classmates when they have works workshopped.

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