Current Members

Doctoral StudentDavid Mudd  4th Year Doctoral Student, Brains & Behavior Fellow
My research currently includes examining the molecular mechanisms underlying the topographic mapping of the retinotectal pathway of rodents, and the compensatory mechanisms which reconfigure the map following perinatal brain trauma. I also study the molecular triggers underlying regulation of critical period plasticity in visual pathway development. I greatly enjoy bringing new electrophysiological and histological techniques into the lab, and designing new assays to better measure our sensory and behavioral responses.


Deanna Ross  B.S. Neuroscience with Honors, NetWork awardee
My research examines the role of ephrin-A5 in the plasticity of retinocollicular maps.  My current projects concern the optimization of ephrin-A5 protein assays and the response of retinal axons to injury.  In November 2014 I presented a poster on my work at the Society for Neuroscience conference in Washington, D.C.


So Yeon “Jenny” Kim  B.S. Neuroscience with Honors
Postbaccalaureate Research Assistant





Nitheyaa Shree 
Undergrad Research Assistant