Current Members


Natalia Marquez Postdoctoral Associate
Natalia received her Ph.D. in the Biology of Cognition lab of Jorge Mpodozis and Juan-Carlos Letelier at the University of Chile-Santiago.  She completed a first postdoc with Randolf Menzel at the Free University of Berlin.


Ezekiel Carpenter-Hyland Research Associate II
Ezekiel completed his Ph.D. with Judson Chandler studying drug abuse, and then did a postdoc on auditory cortical plasticity under the supervision of David Blake, at the Medical University of South Carolina.  Most recently he was appointed as a Research Associate at Morehouse College of Medicine.



Doctoral StudentDavid Mudd  4th Year Doctoral Student, Brains & Behavior Fellow
David’s research currently includes examining the molecular mechanisms underlying the topographic mapping of the retinotectal pathway of rodents, and the compensatory mechanisms which reconfigure the map following perinatal brain trauma. I also study the molecular triggers underlying regulation of critical period plasticity in visual pathway development. I greatly enjoy bringing new electrophysiological and histological techniques into the lab, and designing new assays to better measure our sensory and behavioral responses.


Parag Juvale 1st Year Doctoral Student, Chemistry Department
Parag is co-advised by Dr. Pallas in Neuroscience and Dr. Jun Yin in Biochemistry.  His previous research concerned signaling pathways in cancer.  He is now exploring neurotrophin signaling pathways in visual deprivation-induced plasticity.



So Yeon “Jenny” Kim  B.S. Neuroscience with Honors
Postbaccalaureate Research Assistant
Jen’s research investigates the effect of visual deprivation or perinatal brain trauma on development and maintenance of visual acuity, using behavioral assays and imaging methods.



Kellie Fraser-McDaniels M.S. Student in Biology

Nitheyaa Shree  1st Year Undergrad Neuroscience major, Research Assistant

Noura Machhour  3rd Year Undergrad Neuroscience major, Research Assistant