3 Dream Drawings

I was assigned to create three pictures with multiple amount of Media. Each teacher had to consist of a different point of view. Also the pictures needed coincide with your storyboard or be where the story took place.

Meadow Greenery 🦌
This picture particularly I wanted to capture an essence of real life . I mix together acrylic paint a forest green color , lime green acrylic paint and dark blue watercolor to make the grassy area. With a deer and rabbit ,I use a dot of brown of watercolor to get a light brown color. The mountain area I just use a plain color pencil and a black marker. The sky and the clouds are used a orange kind of tangerine watercolor for the actual sky. And I use white acrylic paint

Coffee Shop☕️
this picture I used brown watercolor and coffee grinds to get that brown color on the building . The same paint mixture I use in the meadow are used for the greenery , outside of the coffee shop. With the window I decided to add sweet pastries so people who are walking by our alluded into the coffee shop. I also mixed together white acrylic paint and blue watercolor to get that almost glass type blue color. I didn’t paint everything because I wanted the brown paper to show out more in this one . I chose brown paper because of the coffee aesthetic.

Classroom scenery ✍🏾
I added more white acrylic paint to the blue acrylic paint that I already use for the coffee shop window . I wanted to have a very sad very like Bashful baby blue color. Not just by reading the words on the picture I wanted the color to be sad as well. When people look at this I wanted them to feel the same type of sadness I felt in such a dark time.

One thought on “3 Dream Drawings

  1. I really like the fact you used mixed Media on the first 2. I like the last one because you found a way to set a mood for the room.

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