Cut Paper Selfie Portrait ✂️✒️

Finally finished! I really struggled on this a lot. It was harder than I thought. I messed up quite a bit on this and then I had to stop because my cousin came in town to help me with the final for this class. Overall, I finished! I used lashes because the eyes looked really ugly to me. So, instead of having my eyes opened, I closed them. I decided to do an artistic edit.

Goal: Take a close-up black and white Selfie with your phone’s camera in good outdoor light. Create a monochromatic value scale with black and white paint, creating 9 squares of value. Next, put tracing paper over the portrait and with a sharp HB pencil trace over the portrait creating contour lines around distinct areas of value. Next, center the tracing paper over the drawing paper and tape it down with the graphite side touching the paper. Next, trace the entire contour drawing so that it transfers to the drawing paper. Trim the drawing outline down to 8” x 10”. Your portrait should resemble your photograph if the values were accurately outlined