Pandemic Project🦠🦋

Throughout the entire coronavirus pandemic I really have not been able to sit down and think about exactly what’s going on . With so much on my mind and so many things I’m doing I haven’t really made any me time. I am constantly thinking about what’s the next move. I was supposed to graduate this year I had so many projects that I had to do I had a niece that was just born. Several family functions have been counseled. My job is trying to work me like crazy consistently calling me in. I really haven’t had any time to just process everything that is going on. The only thing that I have been doing is taking the precautionary action to prevent myself from getting sick. Such as social distancing, washing my hands ,not touching my face and avoiding large gatherings. here is my pandemic project

Rubbing/ Frottage 🎀

This was actually my favorite one ! I never would have thought about sitting a piece of paper on an album and getting a shadowed image of it! This was so cool and amazing I think this is something I will do from here on out. I am so into K-pop I have you some of my favorite albums to do this!

Found objects self-portrait 💜

Sadly I was post to have my graduation on May 2,2020. This is actually how I really look at work . I’m not always happy at work because I am putting myself at risk to help others. Which is almost like a double edge sword. Helping others brings me joy because I don’t like to see people struggle. Putting myself out there so that child who is hungry can eat. I am completely OK with it. During this pandemic are usually have on a mask at work and, the last mask I wore I glued buttons to it. The red feathers represent my eyebrows they’re kind of pointed up because I’m kind of aggravated with a customer. The white Stock paper almond shape represents my eyes . I put a blue button in the middle to represent my actual iris. Further down there is a nose made out of stock paper. Through all this chaos , I have to remember there’s always something to look forward to. Throughout my pictures you will see a butterfly . Butterflies are my spirit animal ( insect if you may ) . Seeing the flowers bloom in spring come into the air also brings me happiness. So I wanted to surround myself looking angry with things that bring me happiness. Kroger’s is where I work at where I’m not so happy. There’s different types of glitter behind me because that represents the shining light coming through such a dark time.

Spirit animal defeats nightmare 🦋

This one was kind of weird , because I recently found out I’m allergic to wheat. In such a dark time I love to look at pictures of my spirit animal are usually paint pictures of my spirit animal . A butterfly is my spirit animal or insect. Something about the delicate and gentle way they flutter through the air . Ever so gracefully spreading pollen starting new life and new beginnings. Recently I just have a little niece and my spirit animal has a connection with babies. When you see butterflies you instantaneously think of spring and spring is always the beginning of something new. With his new life of hers I wish her the best. In the picture you can see a butterfly carrying shredded wheat unto the sun . Completely obliterating the wheat allergy and any danger it may have to my immune system . Hopefully one day my spirit animal could take COVID-19 away.

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  1. Samuel in all three of these you carefully and creatively expressed what the prompt is about through your work and your writing. Your responses are emotional, heartfelt, and tell us a good deal about you and your big heart. I am glad that you make your mask your own at work through decorating. Masks can seem an unfriendly barrier. I have a sparkly unicorn mask with butterflies (Lisa Frank) . Sometimes I forget that I have it on, and I enjoy seeing people’s eyes smile at me. I bet you have the same sensation–except that here you do look a bit severe with your red feathered eyebrows.
    Rubbings can be a lot of fun to incorporate into collage and drawing. My drawing 1 students have a project where they have to study rubbings that they took around the art building and then draw the textures. It can be a fruitful way to understand the development of texture on a 2D surface. Congrats on the new baby neice–and I am sorry about the wheat. As I am sure you have found, it is in EVERYTHING.

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