Welcome 💜

Hey everyone! Samuel Johnson here! Welcome to my aesthetically pleasing portfolio. Come in and make yourself comfortable. Look around, get to know me. On a Monday evening in 97, I was born. Atlanta, Georgia is where I was born and raised . I am the youngest of eight children. While growing up, nothing really spectacular Continue reading →

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Project Three

Objective The Final self-designed Portfolio is an opportunity to demonstrate your technical and conceptual capabilities while exploring a topic that has meaning for you. The primary goal is create a body of work that is visually and conceptually consistent. Think of it in terms of a series instead of individual photos. This Project is entirely Continue reading →

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Project Two ( Re-Upload )

Objective The Photograph as Contemporary Art Charlotte Cotton surveys the primary trends in photography, which she labels as: If This is Art, Once Upon a Time, Deadpan, Something and Nothing, Intimate Life, Moments in History, Revived and Remade, Physical and Material, and Photographicness. In this project you will create a series of diptychs focusing on the themes from Continue reading →

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Project 1

In this project we were instructed to take 90 pictures of Great depth of field , shallow depth of field , High and Low ISO, fast and slow shutter speed . Here my favorite images of each one. f1 22.0 , 1/100, ISO 200 High ISO f1 9.0 , 1/80 , ISO 3200 Shallow Depth Continue reading →

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Candy Castle🍭🍬

This is the multiples project where I had to make a sculpture with something as a repeating value. I chose to use candy as a repeating value. Candy comes in all different shapes, colors, and sizes, so I used that to my advantage. I used the skittles in a swirled-type affect. Since most peppermints have Continue reading →

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Wire and Design 🛠

In this project, I had to build a sculpture out of wire. I started over several times; I didn’t really know exactly what I wanted to do. So, I took a day off and thought about it. I went into my room and saw my plushies on the shelf. Reminiscing over childhood memories, I decided Continue reading →

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“”Alway Remember! Live Kawaii””

” I came up with this quote because I want to remind myself there is a light on the other side of the tunnel, no matter how dark things get. As each day goes by, there’s always room to be kawaii .- Samuel Johnson