Annotated Bibliography 2

Rizzo, Christopher. “Alternative Funding For An Equitable Park System In New York City And State.” Pace Environmental Law Review 32.(2015): 635. LexisNexis Academic: Law Reviews. Web. 5 Feb. 2016.

This article is based on the increase of “flagship parks” which means decimating friendly small parks and turning them into a wide public area for everyone to visit. This happens because there is not enough fundings to maintain the park, so private companies are allowed to takeover to reduce the price burden for the State. The main issue takes place in New York and discusses the struggles to acquire the funding and the maintenance of parks throughout the state. Not only do they have to convince the state for their dire need of funding, but they also have to compete with other departments for the funding. Although the funds are scarce, it is projected to grow due to the reliance on coastal parks. These parks, however, are expected to require an immense increase in maintenance and care due to the location of the parks. They are located towards the edge of the state; close to the sea, the parks are more likely to become destroyed due to hurricanes or other natural disasters. Similar areas are also subjected to extreme and uncontrollable climate changes. The article mentions a relief to monetary issues by having sought out sponsorships, capital budget reforms, and an increase on tax to help supply revenue.