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Poster Presentation (60 minutes) – Poster presentations are opportunities for presenters to convey research, practice, or social action projects on a visual display. Posters will be organized thematically to facilitate interaction among presenters and attendees. The poster session will be interactive, with poster presenters actively discussing their research, answering questions, and addressing comments from attendees. [Proposal word limit: 250 Words]

Symposia (60 minutes) – Symposia consist of three presentations of diverse, but thematically similar research or practice projects. Preference will be given to submissions that describe strategies for audience engagement and participation. [Proposal word limit: 250 words]

  • Symposia Option 1 : Group Submission – Submit three presentations that comprise a symposium. Please plan to present for 40 minutes and facilitate discussion for 20 minutes [Proposal word limit: 900 words total. Must include one overarching abstract (150 words) and three presentation abstracts (250 words each)]
  • Symposia Option 2 : Individual Submission – Submit an individual paper presentation (10-15 minute presentation).  Independent submissions will be combined according to common themes. Papers that do not fit into a common theme may be accepted as a poster or roundtable. [Proposal word limit: 250 words]

Roundtable (60 minutes) – Roundtable sessions are designed to foster informal dialogue on issues concerning community psychology (e.g., innovative research methods, community practice, value tensions, training).  Preference will be given to submissions that describe a clear topic, possible discussion strands, and the facilitators’ roles in exploring issues. [Proposal word limit: 250 words]