The Golden Gates of Grady (under construction)

Grady Memorial Hospital

The main entrance of Grady Memorial Hospital, located at 80 Jesse Hill Jr Dr SE, Atlanta,  was built in downtown Atlanta in 1892.There are three sets of stairs that are perpendicular to Jessie Hill Jr. Drive, yet I noticed that everyone seems to flow down the 1 ramp. A few feet away from the doorway is one bench.( I could remember thinking all of this vast space clearly promoting large groups of personnel to enter and only one bench outside of the main entrance.) Was this meant to discourage strangling? There were also a series of potted plants at the end of each stairway along side of a few trees there isn’t much plant life around the facility.

In addition I noticed that the pathway is paved leading towards the ramp, subconsciously choosing the direction for the pedestrian. This pathway ends at the McDonald’s which is  connected to Grady’s parking deck persuading visitors to indulge in the unhealthy fast food which contradicts what doctors tell their patients they should be eating. As a whole Grady appears as this newly constructed facility that promotes healthcare and cleanliness despite the fact that it sits in the heart of Atlanta with countless homeless patients going in and out and even living/panhandling on the outskirts of the property. In my opinion this facility is designed to attract minorities and keep them in the position, health wise, that they will have to keep coming back.