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The Beltline exists as it does today due to a lot of work behind the scenes, specifically in the political world. The Eastside Trail is the first developed part of the Beltline, and it is no small feat. This is not just because of construction, but because of all the work that was put in and continues to be demonstrated by many different individuals.

In the beginning, there were many different agencies and groups that got together to draft out the Beltline and make sure it included all the things the community found important, such as affordable housing, an arboretum, and transit. Today, many of these groups still exist and are pushing hard for policies to pass that reflect the way Atlantans want to live. One of the ways the Beltline is making its concerns known is on the ballot November 8th. There is a policy for providing funding to the Beltline so it can finish buying the land it needs to finish the project, and also for the transit that should be put on the Beltline.

However, some people are very unhappy with the way the Beltline is turning out. Many are concerned about issues such as gentrification and transit, worries that were present at the inception of the Beltline. The Beltline, because it has been so successful on the Eastside Trail, has raised the value of the areas surrounding it, and neighborhoods that are now where the Beltline will go in the future are very apprehensive about what will happen to pricing and the culture of their communities once the Beltline comes. Others are miffed about transit being built along the Beltline, as they believe the money for transit should go to transportation from the city to the suburbs, where they think it is more needed due to traffic. These issues might affect how people will vote on the ballot about this issue.

The Beltline is far from completed, but the people of Atlanta have been invested from the beginning, and  are continuing to make their voice heard. As long as all parties continue to work together toward the common goal, the Beltline should really be a place we want to live.

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