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Built Environment Draft 3


The Beltline began as a project entirely about the public, where plans were not made without first consulting the communities already existing where the Beltline would go. As time has passed however, the rosy promise of the Beltline has faded for some people. The Beltline cannot truly cater to everyone’s wishes, and someone must suffer […]

Built Environment Analysis Draft 2


Thesis: I think I’ve decided what I want to write about, and I realize it’s more of an essay than anything. Based on my evidence, I have viewpoints that reflect a positive attitude about the Beltline and a negative opinion as well. Whichever viewpoint I have more evidence for I think I can talk about […]

Built Environment Analysis Draft 1


I’m not sure what all this is made of yet, I’m not sure I understand the concept. Is this like an essay? It’s supposed to have pictures and artifacts to support my argument. What is my argument? That is a good place to start. What have I learned about the built environment of the Atlanta […]

Built Environment Description 3


The Beltline exists as it does today due to a lot of work behind the scenes, specifically in the political world. The Eastside Trail is the first developed part of the Beltline, and it is no small feat. This is not just because of construction, but because of all the work that was put in […]

Artifact 1


I found this sign quite curious. It is new, but it refers to an idea that existed on the Beltline for a while, the Atlanta Beltline Arboretum. This particular sign speaks of protecting eastern Hemlocks. What is so important about them I am not sure. But they are important enough to make a sign about. […]

Artifact 2


While eating lunch in the Ponce City Market with the charming Sam for company, I noticed the latches on practically all the windows. I know the market used to be a distribution center, but it surprised me and made me wonder why they would have windows that could open like that, let alone at all. […]

Artifact 3


I have seen this happen a couple times, and I find it a great example of the greater community the Beltline has helped to foster. This is a stand someone came and set up on the Beltline to promote whatever business they had. I think this is a great way to get people to know […]

Artifact 4


Speaking of things rapidly changing, already there is a new sculpture under the bridge on the Eastside Trail. I was there not too long ago, and I saw the previous picture being taken apart. Now I see an entirely new sculpture, and I am amazed. This rapid process urged me to look closer at what […]

Artifact 5


This is a picture of the Eastside Trail near the Krog Street Market. This is where the Beltline is going to continue through the Old Fourth Ward area. When I saw it the other day, I was surprised by how much they have already cleared in such a short time. For class we went about […]

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