Beltline Creepiness



So this fellow is named Thad’s Shadow, and Ali and I found him along the Beltline near Piedmont park. I’m not sure how to classify him, whether or not he’s a sculpture or something else, because he does move. You cannot see it in the picture, but there is a seat that the art piece is attached to that resembles a bicycle in the fact that it has pedals. When the pedals are pushed, the hands and legs swing back and forth and hit the chime seen in the photo. It is honestly really creepy to watch, due to it’s dark countenance and the silver eyes that stare out from it’s face. It also moves very jauntily and jerkily, and that also contributes to it’s strangeness. This piece is found in the middle of the woods, which is unnerving on its own. Ali recorded me “playing” the art piece, and after about 10 minutes we moved on. If I were to come across this when it was darker, and alone, I would not spend as much time due to its unsettling demeanor.

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