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The entrance into the Eastside Trail on the Beltline! The upper picture displays a list of all the rules of the trail, and the companies and groups that help make the Beltline possible. It’s right by the entrance to a rather obscure trail, with lots of kudzu and trees around. The smell of honeysuckle was in the air, and Piedmont park was right around the corner.  The Beltline, at least this portion of it, was not paved, and did not have any big, attention-grabbing signs that announced its presence. There were a couple people walking, but for the most part it was a long trail with no lights or technology.  The absence of technology would make it hard to get in touch with someone should an emergency happen. These facts alerted me to my surroundings so that we would be safe on the Beltline. As we walked later, it became very obvious that one could walk quite a bit of distance quite alone, which is not very comforting. 0919161800a_hdr

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