Map of our trip/ Honors 1010 September 2016

On our walk, we learned about what had been there before, and what was now built for our view. Not only have the buildings changed, the urban environment has changed by the erecting of certain buildings and the destruction of others. What I find extremely fascinating is the fact that it seems that there is a movement to go back to the way things where. Stores and restaurants used to be available from the street, but a change in thinking thought it would be better to build large buildings with entire worlds on the inside of them, instead of facing outward. The main point of our walk was to visit the Civic Center, and what is ironic is that it is about to be torn down for the purpose of erecting an environment similar to what existed there before, when so much trouble was taken to have it built in the first place. The professor who was with us talked about how the building of the civic center destroyed the fabric of the urban community and culture of that community. I believe that while the former culture may have been negatively impacted, I also think that a new culture has emerged, and destroying the Civic center would be negatively affecting that as well.
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