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Built environment Description 1


The Beltline of Atlanta serves as a great cultural connector for many diverse groups of people. In these photos I was exploring the area near the Krog Street Market. Since I was riding a bike, I was not able to take in as much of my surroundings as if I had been walking, but I […]

Artifact 1


This is a picture of the skate park I found while walking the Beltline. There were a lot of little kids on it, which I found very surprising. Not only were they seemingly alone, but the area seemed dominated by boys younger than 15. Granted, it was hard to see because of the glaring sun, […]

Artifact 2


This was by far my favorite thing about the Beltline. Upon the entrance to the Beltline near Krog Street Market, my friend pointed out this “neighborhood library”. I had heard about these but have never seen them, and being an avid reader, this delighted me. I immediately clambered off my bike and went to investigate, […]

Artifact 3


The first time around I did not notice this, but on our way back I saw this out of the corner of my eye and stopped to take a picture. In case it isn’t legible, the sign says “WATER FOR DOGS”. I thought this was a perfect example of how the Beltline considers the greater […]

Artifact 4


This is my friend Brianna playing on a piano found along the Beltline. There are a couple of these apparently, and we were both delighted to find this one in tune. We played a bit together, and then continued on our way. These pianos are called “Pianos for Peace” and I noticed peace was a […]

Artifact 5


Along the trail, there were multiple little granite stones announcing what kind of tree is growing there. This a part of the arboretum on the Atlanta Beltline, an effort towards a healthier atmosphere (as I learned in my mapping class). I did not stop this time to look at every tree, but I really find […]

Ali Going for the Perfect Shot


On my first trip to the Beltline, I was escorted by the always-charming Ali. We walked along the Eastside Trail and photographed various objects. As you can see above, Ali was trying to get the perfect shot of the Trail, so I decided to take a picture of her. We ┬áhad a good time being […]

Welcome to the Beltline


The entrance into the Eastside Trail on the Beltline! The upper picture displays a list of all the rules of the trail, and the companies and groups that help make the Beltline possible. It’s right by the entrance to a rather obscure trail, with lots of kudzu and trees around. The smell of honeysuckle was […]

Beltline Creepiness


So this fellow is named Thad’s Shadow, and Ali and I found him along the Beltline near Piedmont park. I’m not sure how to classify him, whether or not he’s a sculpture or something else, because he does move. You cannot see it in the picture, but there is a seat that the art piece […]

Built Environment Description Question


Hello! My question about the built environment description is… These bibliographic entries count as our built environment description, correct? Or this another assignment that I am missing? Also, do I need to submit another link in order for you to grade my other bibliographic entries?

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