Who we are

The Global Health Discourses Project is led by Dr. Steven P. Black, Associate Professor of Anthropology at Georgia State University. This multi-sited, interdisciplinary investigation into the role of language, discourse, and performance in global health is designed to allow for involvement from undergraduate students, graduate students, academic collaborators, and non-academic collaborators across the disciplines (description below refers to roles within the project; when possible, titles have been updated to reflect current professional credentials and affiliations). To date, this project has included research and collaboration with:

Undergraduate student researchers:
Kristina Ellis, Kate Leek, Scarlet Mayoral, Marissa Rodriguez, Savannah Setter (Fall 2018)

Graduate student researchers:
Dr. Gabriela Alvarado (MD, MPH, MA, PhD candidate at Pardee-Rand graduate school) (2016-2017)

Dr. Carlos Faerron Guzmán (MD, MSc, Director of CISG, Associate Director of the Planetary Health Alliance, Associate Faculty, University of Maryland, Baltimore Graduate School

Carolina Bolaños Palmieri (MSc, Lic. Human Nutrition,  Associate Director of CISG, Adjunct Clinical Instructor Univ. of Maryland, Baltimore)