* This is a list of publications that are closely related to the Global Health Discourses Project. It is not an exhaustive list of Dr. Black’s publications.

Black, Steven P. and Gabriela Alvarado (2020). “Global Health Education and Mediatization of Care in Costa Rica.” Medical Anthropology 39(7):597-608.

Black, Steven P. (2020). “Communicability, Stigma, and Xenophobia During the COVID-19 Outbreak: ‘Common Reactions’?” To appear in Language, Culture, and Society.

Black, Steven P. (2019). Speech and Song at the Margins of Global Health: Zulu Tradition, HIV Stigma, and AIDS Activism in South Africa. New Brunswick: Rutgers University Press.

Black, Steven P. (2018). “Ethics, Expertise, and Inequities in Global Health Discourses: The Case of Non-Profit HIV/ AIDS Research in South Africa.” In N. Avineri, L. Graham, E. Johnson, R. Conley Riner, and J. Rosa (eds.), Language and Social Justice in Practice. New York: Routledge, p. 119-127.