Exterior Description

image The Edgewood Community Learning Garden (ECLG) is surrounded by a diverse group of homes. Driving towards the ECLG, and passing by the Edgewood neighborhoods, the background of the area can begin to be understood. Many of the houses are old, rotting, and some boarded up. However, nestled between these houses are homes that have been reconstructed to be made new and expensive. Gentrification has rocked the Edgewood scene to create an ever changing environment. Despite this transformation, the ECLG sits, surrounded by old houses, as a place of welcoming for all of the home owners in the neighborhoods— no matter their socioeconomic status. The beautiful entrance to the garden is never closed and has lovely hand painted signs on the inside and outside of the garden. The ECLG is always open to the public to watch the chickens and honey bees, to run around on the play set, or to gaze at the fresh vegetables and blooming flowers. During its six years of existence, every Tuesday, the garden invites all of the children around the area to visit the garden and to learn more about how fresh foods grow, where they come from, and why they are important (http://sites.gsu.edu/sberry11/2016/02/09/external-desctription-2/).
The ECLG also provides a place where all the members of the community can come together and meet with one another during the events, like the Fall Roots Festival. The greenery and colorful welcome sign make it a place of serenity and happiness. There are paths made from place to place within the garden as to encourage its visitors to walk around and enjoy all that it has to offer. A greenery full of flowers, lies at the front of the garden, allowing the honey bees to do their work. The apiary, or bee yard, is built inside of the chicken coup because the chickens eat the larva of the parasitic bugs that affect the bees. To the left of the entrance, well kept rectangles hold a diverse selection of fruits and vegetables (http://sites.gsu.edu/sberry11/2016/02/09/external-description-3/). Beyond that, is the play set where the children can release their energy instead of taking it out on the delicate plants.

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