Author: Saif Ali

A Rubric for Student Evaluations (Physics Education Project)

During the Spring 2016 semester, I started a physics education project with Dr. Thoms of the Physics Department at GSU….

A New Year in Cracking Eggs & Lighting Bulbs

I entered a whole new academic world as a Student Innovation Fellow last year. Something that separates my work here…

A New Project in Active Learning

I have recently started research on a new physics project alongside Dr. Thoms, the Undergraduate Director of the Physics and…

A Fly on the Wall

Although I have only been a SIF for a semester, I have been able to come away with countless lessons….

Getting UP To Every Last Detail

The 1928 Atlanta project has one essential question that we are trying to answer: How has the city changed since…

Lessons of Being a New Historical Researcher

The sort of work I have done for the 3-D Atlanta Project is different than any process I have gone…

First Steps in the Student Innovation Fellowship

My name is Saif Ali. I am a freshman Physics major at Georgia State University, so this is my first…

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