Interior: Criminal Records Digital Record #2


I think this photo really captures the essence of Criminal Records. Not only does it show the layout of the store, but it also shows how decorative and colorful the space is. Aisles and aisles of records consume much of the space; music posters and framed albums decorate the walls. Some would call the shop cluttered, but I think it adds to the ambiance. There is so much to explore within a fairly small space, I can see why customers get lost for hours.

Interior: Criminal Records Digital Recording #1


This is a photo I took of the Criminal Records sign that can be found in the back of the store. The sign is made of tin and although it is hard to tell from the picture, it is quite large. This sign shows the shop’s iconic logo. Underneath it are wooden bins holding records, which is how these artifacts are arranged all over the store. The wall behind the sign is a light green color, which is a repeating theme throughout the shop. This color, in my opinion, gave the store a calm feel, but still spiced up the space with some color.

Exterior: Virginia Highlands Digital Record #6


New Highland Park is right across the street from the strip of shops seen in my video post. I really liked the open layout of the park. Even though there is infrastructure all around the area, the park allows an escape from all that. There are trees, benches, and a field for pets to run around. This space provides Virginia Highlands with a great balance of nature and city-living.

Exterior: Virginia Highlands Digital Record #1


This is a common type of home one would see while passing through Virginia Highlands. Before visiting my site, the research I did for my annotated bibliographies led me to discover that this type of home is known as a Craftsman Bungalow. This style of home was first introduced by a man named Gustave Stickley. Craftsman Bungalows have been present in Virginia Highlands since the neighborhood was first built. As I walked up and down the streets of the area I found these homes to be very inviting. Most are painted pleasant, light colors. It gives the space a homey and suburban feel.