Foster the Research Environment Necessary to Produce Insightful Business Leaders

Revolutionary technologies are profoundly impacting business and society. They are changing the functions of capital markets and sources of funds, redefining the nature of products and services, enhancing the fluidity of labor markets and transforming the education markets in which we work. These technologies are also changing the nature of organizations and how societies organize, communicate and progress. Boundless possibilities for innovation and wealth creation now exist.

To be a resource for business in this environment, we will emphasize the development of new analytical methods and tools while continuing to excel at fundamental business research. Leveraging our distinctive faculty base, we will establish a research environment that emphasizes the formation of academic alliances and partnerships with alumni, corporate entities and nonprofit organizations. Together we will create a culture and structure that facilitates high-impact research projects that uncover new insights. As a result, students and faculty will be positioned to invent the new institutional constructs that create value in a complex, global economy.

Strategy 1
Broaden our portfolio of faculty by recruiting and developing research-active faculty members who have strengths in methodological and computational capabilities as well as conducting fundamental research into business.
Strategy 2
Build and foster long-term relationships that facilitate mutually beneficial and high-impact applied research projects with business partners.
Strategy 3
Develop a research portfolio sponsored by government funding agencies, private foundations, and corporate entities to achieve socially relevant outcomes. These will include the well-being of individuals, the competitiveness of the workforce, and increased economic development.
Strategy 4
Design incentives and organizational structures that promote research and programming focused on exploring and solving what is most important to the future of business and society.