Empower Students to Seize the Opportunities of the Technological Revolution

Successful business leaders are insightful. They possess a profound understanding of how economies and institutions evolve as technology and global trends continue to advance and converge. In the current context, they also must attain the business acumen and the data-driven analytical skills necessary to gain insight and to effectively influence outcomes.

Yet acquiring these skills is not sufficient since the rapid adoption of technologies reduces the need for individuals to conduct routine and intellectually mechanical activities. Instead, the future will value human ingenuity, critical thinking, and creativity. As a result, individuals with creative insights regarding the future needs of consumers, firms, and societies and those who understand how to interact with others to unleash their creative spirits are essential for progress and success.

By accomplishing this goal, we will extend our legacy of educating business leaders by delivering a modern, experiential, action-based education that combines an analytical focus with creative insights and prepares students for the next generation of business.

Strategy 1
Infuse analytical programming broadly across the curriculum.
Strategy 2
Unleash the creative drive of our diverse student body where learners explore, experience, and develop their ability to achieve successful outcomes and demonstrate doing so before they graduate through curricular and co-curricular programming.
Strategy 3
Expand programs that develop the communication, teamwork, and collaboration skills needed to achieve success.
Strategy 4
Extend the classroom to create an immersive experiential environment for students by engaging our business partners in Atlanta and around the world.