Advancing Vision 2020

at the J. Mack Robinson College of Business


Advancing Vision 2020

Our Vision

No one gets closer to business than Robinson.

In the heart of Atlanta, surrounded by Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurial start-ups alike, the Robinson College of Business connects to businesses through deep and special relationships that cut across our research, teaching and service missions thereby facilitating our development of the next generation of leaders. Robinson’s unique approach to embedded relationships grows future talent through degree programs and supports current leaders through executive education and collaborative and sponsored research. Working together, our faculty, research scientists, students and staff will be closer to business in order to better understand market challenges and to more effectively partner with businesses to co-develop and implement solutions.

The J. Mack Robinson College of Business recently marked its 100th anniversary. While celebrating this important milestone, the college’s leaders recognized the importance of looking ahead to build on this outstanding legacy in the future. Robinson faculty completed and approved the current strategic plan entitled Vision 2020. Given the passage of time and the new leadership team now in place, the moment is right to pause and consider the progress made thus far to implement the plan, and to explore if and how the plan should be updated to reflect current context.

Advancing Vision 2020 imagines Robinson positioned to deliver the future of business – through our programs, our people and our students. We invite you to comment on the changes we have made and the direction the college is headed. The objective is to finalize our refocused plan by the end of September and then begin to put it into action in the coming years.

The process of seeking community-wide input kicks off with this website and the Dean’s State of the College address on Thursday, August 27. Be sure to review the key components of the plan – Vision, Mission, Core Values and Goals – and provide your feedback below.


In 2015, the college’s leadership team, department chairs and members of the Board of Advisors reflected on the progress we have made on Vision 2020 thus far and reconsidered our priorities for the coming years. The process was collaborative, informative and the conversations enlightening. The result of these discussions is Advancing Vision 2020. The document retains several ideas from the original plan, but also proposes a number of new elements including core values statements and a vision statement for Robinson. Advancing Vision 2020 also adds new aspirational goals designed to achieve the vision and support our ongoing effort in undergraduate learning, graduate education, basic research programs and engaged scholarship.

Now it’s your turn. Faculty, staff, students and alumni are invited to review the changes made to create Advancing Vision 2020 and provide feedback.


To successfully implement Advancing Vision 2020, Robinson’s leadership is seeking input from faculty, staff, students and alumni. All members of the Robinson community are invited to review the content of this site and post comments below. All comments and questions are welcome, but as you read the background and components of Advancing Vision 2020, consider providing feedback on the following areas in particular:

  1. Will the Vision and Strategic Goals prepare our college and our students for the future of business?
  2. What differentiates the Robinson College from other colleges in the areas of undergraduate studies, graduate studies and research?
  3. What role can you play in helping the Robinson College successfully fulfill its mission?

1 Comment

  1. Overall looks very good.
    A number of areas that can be tightened.

    This page needs to be aligned with the document vision 2020, one of the links on this page.
    1. Given the amount of time that was spent on language, the language needs to be consistent…e.g. The language of the goals should be the same.
    2. This front page should say something about Gloabl or International, given the extensive treatment in the vision 2020 document. It is also a major trend. Now given the dramatic demographic shifts.
    3. need to have some metrics for the initiatives. They need to be more specific so that there can be metrics and progress can be measured.
    4. People ultimately make the change happen. There must be an assessment of the people especially on the core values… ” all in” / winning attitude; collaboration with various stakeholders , etc.
    Now to the specific questions:
    Question 1.
    The vision and goals are fine. The key is the specific initiatives and the metrics around them. The faculty needs to be assessed on whether they can live the values and pull of the change with specific performance metrics. People and Metrics will make a bigger difference than the vision , goals and fine tuning the strategy statement on success.
    Question 2.
    GSU has a diverse student body’s do that is both a competitive advantage and liability. To make a difference, there has to be flexibility in the curriculum to lift each student idiosyncratically to the GSU standard. That is the competitive advantage as shown by the university through its intervention program to increase retention.
    Question 3
    As an advisory board member, I have and will continue to contribute my ideas and challenge thinking and practices at RCB. Once metrics are in place, the role can become even more active.

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