What is Advancing Vision 2020?

Advancing Vision 2020 is Robinson’s 5-year strategic plan that calls for investments in faculty hires, increasing the number of immersive and experiential learning opportunities for students, building deeper collaborations between the college and corporate partners, upgraded facilities and technology, with funding to come from existing resources and new revenues. The plan was approved at the 2015 Robinson Fall Faculty Meeting on November 18, 2015.


No one gets closer to business than Robinson.

In the heart of Atlanta, surrounded by Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurial start-ups alike, the Robinson College of Business fosters deep and lasting business relationships that cut across our research, teaching, and service missions to facilitate our development of the next generation of leaders. We grow future talent through degree programs while continually connecting students to business and society, and we support current leaders through executive education as well as collaborative relationships and sponsored research. This allows us to be closer to business, to better understand market challenges, and to more effectively co-develop and implement solutions with business.

Three goals are necessary to achieve this vision by 2020:

Goal 1

Empower Students to Seize the Opportunities of the Technological Revolution »

Goal 2

Foster the Research Environment Necessary to Produce Insightful Business Leaders »

Goal 3

Lead a Purposeful Community »


Ensure a diverse student body emerges prepared to deliver value in business, government and non-profit organizations.

We accomplish this by engaging scholars and practitioners who increase our understanding of how individuals, organizations and markets most effectively enhance social well-being. We share this knowledge with our peers and current and future business leaders to maximize its potential to affect individuals, families, communities and global society.