2.3 Content Sections

Cover Page     Executive Summary     Table of Contents     Background     Problem/ Opportunity     Research Objectives

Action Standard     Research Method     Research Results     Managerial Implications     Appendices     Acknowledge Sources

cover page 01Cover Page refers to the title page of the document.

The Cover Page material includes:

  • A descriptive title that clearly identifies the content and the context, (i.e., company or industry, period of time) of the report, letting the reader know quickly its relevance to a decision;
  • Names of the people responsible for the report’s content, and may also include the sponsoring company name, contact information and description; and the
  • Date of the report.

Cover Page sometimes refers to additional pages that may include disclaimers, disclosures, or terminology and definitions. Check standard practice in your company or industry.cover page 02

  • Disclaimers limit the uses of or responsibility for results. For example, a disclaimer may identify that the results are the sole responsibility of an individual (as opposed to a company). It also may limit use of the results, defining them as confidential, for internal use only, or used only through licensing.
  • Disclosures may be required by legal or regulatory groups. Disclosures are caveats—a warning or caution in using the report.  These statements may include disclosing relationships among persons or companies with possible vested interests. Disclosures might also include other details, such as rates of return or Annual Percentage Rate are estimates.

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