Leadership Lessons from SIF Program


Being able to play nice with others is an essential leadership skill that can never be talked about enough. An individuals ability alone isn’t enough to be an effective leader. At SIF, students are challenged to accomplish daunting tasks as a team. Therefore, many SIFs are learning great leadership skills. No one is graded solely on their individual accomplishments. The end result matters more than the individual’s effort. Effective leaders empower individuals to accomplish great things.

Great leadership also includes the ability to have an understanding, appreciation and respect for others’ talents. Without this foundation of respect for others one cannot be an effective leader. And, with its interdisciplinary approach, the SIF program exposes students a multitude of talents and talented people.

Great leadership takes practice. It cannot be learned without doing.  At SIF, students gain experience managing projects, small teams and are held responsible for their results.

As I leave the University I will be forever grateful for my experiences at SIF. The SIF program does an amazing job of empowering students as they empower the University.

Thank you, SIF. Sayonara!

Ryan D. Cagle

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