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Oakhurst Community: Exterior Description Overview


me in city of decatur

Visiting the Oakhurst Community, located in Decatur Georgia, was very calming and beautiful. I visited the Oakhurst Community on a cool Monday morning. As I walked through the neighborhood I felt very safe and the sense of community was very apparent and clear. I seen residents walking their many dogs and other going for a morning jog. one major thing that occurred to me while visiting the area was how much the community is impacted by families and children.

There were a few small bookcases outside encouraging children to take a book to read like the one below in Harmony Park. This showed to me how people in the community were willing to uplift the children in the community and how encouraging the residents were towards education. There were also many beautiful homes in the area. there were very few abandoned homes in the neighborhood. I seen workers rebuilding and remodeling homes in the area. This showed to me the community cares about their overall appeal of the neighborhood.


boook case

In the neighborhood their were signs to better help the community such as Dead End signs, and Clean Up After Your Dog signs as well. The Oakhurst Community is very clean. I did not see any debris or trash lingering around which definitely gave me a good feel of the neighborhood. While walking towards the center of the community, people walking down the sidewalk greeted  me with kindness and a smile. The center of the neighborhood had many small restaurants and businesses. There was also a fire station very close nearby. The community also has a garden. The Oakhurst Community is very diverse with having African Americans, whites and other races living in the area.

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